Mar 20, 2024 The last paper from my PhD: Above-cloud concentrations of cloud condensation nuclei help to sustain some Arctic low-level clouds is now available on ACP
Feb 27, 2023 I successfully defended my PhD! My dissertation is titled Ice, Liquid, and Aerosol: Mixed-Phase Cloud Properties and Processes in Regional and Large Eddy Simulations
Jul 12, 2022 My latest paper Do Arctic mixed-phase clouds sometimes dissipate due to insufficient aerosol? Evidence from comparisons between observations and idealized simulations is now available on ACP
Jul 19, 2021 I just published an article on Zarr-like access of cloud-hosted NetCDF4 on Pangeo’s Medium publication
Jun 24, 2021 I just published a Medium post on adding lat/lon to GOES L2 data
Jun 7, 2021 My first paper has just been published, Check it out here!