Lucas Sterzinger


Hi! My name is Lucas, and I’m a Scientific Software Developer at NASA’s Goddard Earth Sciences Data Information Services Center GES DISC.

I recently finished my PhD at the UC Davis Atmospheric Science Graduate Group working in the Cloud Physics Research Group

I’m passionate about open source and open science.

This website is hosted on Github Pages using alshedivat’s “al-folio” theme. You can see the source code for this site here.


Feb 27, 2023 I successfully defended my PhD! My dissertation is titled Ice, Liquid, and Aerosol: Mixed-Phase Cloud Properties and Processes in Regional and Large Eddy Simulations
Jul 12, 2022 My latest paper Do Arctic mixed-phase clouds sometimes dissipate due to insufficient aerosol? Evidence from comparisons between observations and idealized simulations is now available on ACP
Jul 19, 2021 I just published an article on Zarr-like access of cloud-hosted NetCDF4 on Pangeo’s Medium publication
Jun 24, 2021 I just published a Medium post on adding lat/lon to GOES L2 data
Jun 7, 2021 My first paper has just been published, Check it out here!

latest posts

selected publications

  1. ACP
    Do Arctic Mixed-Phase Clouds Sometimes Dissipate Due to Insufficient Aerosol? Evidence from Comparisons between Observations and Idealized Simulations
    Lucas J. Sterzinger, Joseph Sedlar, Heather Guy, and 2 more authors
    Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, Jul 2022
  2. JHM
    The Effects of Ice Habit on Simulated Orographic Snowfall
    Lucas J Sterzinger, and Adele L Igel
    Journal of Hydrometeorology, Jul 2021